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Welcome to
Sublime Nurturing

Tania Jones is a member of the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists, https://www.guildofaustralianhypnotherapists.com.au

is also on the National Register of The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia.

Tania is registered with some of the health funds so rebates may apply if your policy covers you for hypnotherapy.

I operate clinics both on the Northside in Brisbane in Gordon Park and Strathpine, as well as Woodford. Being located on the Northside means I’m particularly convenient for the North Brisbane suburbs of Albion, Wilston, Wooloowin, Stafford Heights, Aspley, Bridgeman Downs, Taigum, Chermside, Boondall, Geebung, Virginia, Zillmere, Wavell Heights, Bracken Ridge, Fitzgibbon, Stafford, Gordon Park, Kedron.

It is my mission to offer you the chance to optimize your life whether it be via hypnotherapy which can truly revolutionise the way you think, feel and go about your life, or Body Psychotherapy to clear ‘stuff’ and move forward.

My business, Sublime Nurturing offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and the multimodality approach I offer is enhanced by many years of personal development and study.

With each appointment I re-visit your needs and requirements. In combination with a thorough consultation and hypnosis, I create a personal treatment program designed and tailored purely for you.  My Fertility by Hypnosis and Holistic Gastric Band Hypnosis  have already brought me many happy clients, and immense personal satisfaction. For example, in 2018,  two of my hypnofertility clients conceived after just one session of hypnosis, and both went on to give birth to beautiful healthy babies early last year. I’m proud to say I now have eight babies to my name. That is to say hypnosis for fertility has assisted eight women to conceive their hearts desire, a baby.
I also offer remote hypnosis and have worked with clients in both Australia and New Zealand.

I’ve trained internationally, and have qualifications in:
Clinical Hypnotherapy and Holistic Gastric Band Hypnosis – Career Accelerators – Brisbane.
Fertility by Hypnosis- Alan Patching, Gold Coast. Body Psychotherapy – Institute of Energy Science, Brisbane.
And a Tisserand Institute Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy – London, UK.
A Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies – University of Auckland, NZ.
Certificate in Journalism – Auckland Institute of Technology (now AUT.)

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No, it's not usually necessary to talk at all during hypnosis. If there is something specific you are working on with me and we agree you're comfortable to speak, then sometimes there is limited talking, like 'Yes' and 'No' type replies.
Your subconscious mind becomes easy to speak to when your brainwaves slow down to Theta, the state you're in when you're very relaxed, like when you're about to fall asleep.The hypnotherapist helps you become relaxed by giving you a comfy recliner type chair to sit in. There may be peaceful background music, and you close your eyes and drift into hypnosis whilst being spoken to quietly by the hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist then makes positive suggestions to your subconscious mind because it is now relaxed and available.
If you are sitting in front of your hypnotherapist, having booked an appointment, you are 70% of the way towards success already, because you have decided you wish to change something, and are choosing to be there. And because your subconscious mind is very powerful. The subconscious mind responds well to positive suggestion and is usually most accessible when your brainwaves are in the theta state of 4-7 Hz.You don't actually have to do anything, but sit in a relaxed detached state, and listen. Easy.
Never. Your morals and values are still firmly in place even when in a relaxed state. Having the suggestion that you'll cluck like a chicken is the realm of stage hypnotists, not hypnotherapists. Remember, your hypnotherapist is there to help you make positive steps forward.
Since hypnosis is a natural state we're all in every day of our lives just as we fall asleep, the answer is Yes. It helps if you wish to be there and have chosen, of your own accord, to seek hypnosis.If you are going along to your appointment at the suggestion of someone else, then it is less likely to be effective and the hypnotherapist will very likely suggest you come back when you choose to be there of your own volition.
Anytime is fine. Successful hypnosis is not dependant on time of day. However, it's best of you avoid coffee, or any type of caffeine or stimulant prior to your appointment.
Refreshed, and like you've had a power nap. You can just carry on with your day as normal.
Yes, and they're all positive! Your immune system receives a boost, if your blood pressure is high it will reduce, and your feeling of well being will be enhanced.


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